Adopting the SUNDE solution, you can make multi-user use the resources of one PC, such as browse the web, net games, private email, office suit and other applicant softwares. Firstly, installing the software NetPoint (attached in the colour box) to the host PC, and then connect the SUNDE to host PC through network Cable/Router/Hub. When you want to add another work station under the same PC, you just need to add the equipment as: monitor, SUNDE, keyboard, mouse. In this way, you will get the same operating environment as the one on the host PC.

- Based on TCP/IP standard Ethernet network structure
- Internet Remote Accessible
- Data sercurity and scalabitlity, high-Hardware and software copy protection
- Windows desktop screen real-time audio / video
- Low power consumption, ultra-quiet operation
- Compact, lightweight design
- Simple to install and upgrade; maintenance-free
- Simplifying enterprise IT management
- Saving the cost of electricity
- Portocol: NetPoint 5.1, RDP

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