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Flexible Electronic

- It can make any smooth and firm
  surface to be a electronic whiteboard
  conveniently, flexibly and
- The continuous work time of signal
   pen: more than 80 hours



Advanced Electronic

- Adoption of advanced ultrasonic,
  infrared wireless location techinique.

- Surface material: Enamelled
  projection screen
- No light reflection and shadow which
  make your eyes comfort and acquire
  same visual effect at different places



Analog Touch Resistive

Pros: Touchable surface

Front Layer:
Membrane (Difficult to clean)

Second Layer:
Membrane Resistive
Third Layer:
High density board
Back Layer:
Baking Enameled Surface


Pros: Fastest Response Time in the Market

Front Layer:
Wooden Board (Difficult to write)

Second Layer:
Plastic Board
Third Layer:
Electromagnetic Array Board
Back Layer:
Low μ / High weight board


- Touchable surface
- Durable board structure




DSP Ultrasonic/ Infrared

- Strongest board and structure in the
- Flexible board size production line.
  Module Design can repair at site
- Magnetic surface
- No wooden structures (resistant to    moisture, won’t change shape)

Front Layer:
Zinc plated steel frame, Nanotechnology Surface
Middle Layer:
Aluminum alloy light-weight Plate
Back Layer:
Zinc Plated Steel Board
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